Checkmate on Your Wrist: Zepp Launches World’s First Chess Game for Watches

Take this bold title with a grain of salt. While there are other wearable chess, they are either simple GUI client wrappers for an online site like where its AI part runs somewhere in the cloud or are built for Android / iOS watches, which can’t be considered a low-powered device as their batteries … 


Easy BLE: Advanced Comms Between a ZeppOS Watch and BLE Peripherals

🐦 What is the Easy BLE library? The Easy BLE library is an advanced BLE management tool for ZeppOS 3.0 watches that features an automated profile generator, a hybrid asynchronous and sequential queue for efficient handling of all operations including writing and reading, user-friendly string-based interactions, seamless auto-conversions of data and addresses, support for multiple … 


AutoGUI: Rapid GUI Creation for ZeppOS

✨️ What does AutoGUI Solve? Working with GUI is one if not the most tedious processes you have to go through while creating your apps for ZeppOS. Even a simple “Hello, World!” example takes a substantial amount of lines of code to produce. But it should be simple, it’s just a line of text and … 


ZeppOS Visual Logger: On-Screen Logs on Your Device

✨️ Unsurprisingly, having a proper logger or debugger can substantially reduce the development time of our apps. Thankfully we have a console logger but its implementation is pretty weak … →


Why Amazfit Band 7 Might be the Biggest $50 Deal in 2023

✨️ I started my adventure with wearables when a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 appeared on the market and wore it for nearly four years since its release. It had pretty much everything I was looking for: a small form factor for my wrist and a long battery life that lasted up to 20 days with no visible bugs and glitches … →