Zepp Health’s Tech Challenges for Cal Hacks 10.0

About Zepp Health

Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP) is a global smart wearable and health technology leader, empowering users to live their healthiest lives by optimizing their health, fitness, and wellness journeys through its leading consumer brands, Amazfit, Zepp Clarity, and Zepp Aura. Powered by its proprietary Zepp Digital Management Platform, which includes the Zepp OS, AI chips, biometric sensors, and data algorithms, Zepp delivers cloud-based 24/7 actionable insights and guidance to help users attain their wellness goals. The company has also applied its AI expertise to emerging industrial medical imaging technologies and delivers big data and analytics capabilities to support medical and diagnostics care service providers. To date, Zepp has shipped over 200 million units, and its products are available in 90+ countries. Founded in 2013 as Huami Corp., the company became Zepp Health Corporation in February 2021. Zepp has 1,300+ team members and offices across North America, EMEA, and APAC regions. For more information, visit www.zepphealth.com

Cal Hacks 10.0 Challenges

⌚Challenge Theme: “Amazfit Ecosystem Evolution“🌱

Embark on a journey 🚀 to design the ultimate Amazfit Balance Smartwatch application.

Your mission ⚔️ is to create a holistic smartwatch app solution that seamlessly integrates health ❤️, fitness 🏋️, wellness 🧘, productivity 📈, and IoT connectivity 🌐. Envision a world where your smartwatch monitors your well-being 💓 and interacts with the environment 🌳around you, guiding you to strike the perfect balance ⚖️ in your day.
From heart rate-driven productivity tips and IoT-led environmental adjustments to mindfulness moments prompted by your metrics, let your innovation redefine what’s possible with the Amazfit Balance.

Amazfit Solutions

  ✨️ Amazfit Solutions (Pick one or more):

Amazfit Balance: https://balance.zepp/
Zepp OS 3.0 Capabilities: https://bit.ly/zepp-features-v3
— Optional —
Generative AIs (Zepp AI)
Zepp Pay Platform (only for *Balance)
*Currently Zepp Pay works with MasterCard EU in these countries: https://pay.zepp/
To learn more about Amazfit Solutions, https://us.amazfit.com/

💸 Winning Award

  • Certificate of Winners
  • Top 3 Winning Team Rewards:
    • $1000 Amazon Gift Card + Amazfit Balance for each member + One-year free membership for (Zepp Aura + Zepp Coach) for the 1st place Winning Team
    • Amazfit Balance for each member + One-year free membership for (Zepp Aura + Zepp Coach) for the 1st place Winning Team for the 2nd place Winning Team
    • Amazfit Balance for each member for the 3rd place Winning Team

Judge's Criteria:

    1. Technical Complexity (30%): How challenging were the technical aspects of the app? Did the team use advanced features or techniques?
    2. Innovation/Originality/Feasibility (25%): Does the app introduce a new idea or uniquely solve a problem?
    3. UI/UX (20%): Is the app intuitive? Is the design appealing and user-friendly?
    4. Presentation + Documentation (15%): How effectively does the team explain and demo their app? Are they clear about its features and benefits?
    5. App Completeness (10%): Submissions to App Review, including apps you make available for pre-order, should be final versions with all necessary metadata and fully functional URLs included.

✨️ Zepp Health Cal Hacks 10.0 Guideline

1. Join our Slack community:
2. Join #calhacks channel
#2023-zepp-os-calhacks10 (on Slack)

⚡️ Quickstart

💡 Learn additional information

1. Zepp OS Version 3.0 New Features
2. Learn from Examples
3. Mini Program Overall Architecture
4. AutoGUI
Quick GUI Prototyping Tool
5. Visual Logger
See the Logs On Device's Screen
6. BLE Master Encapsulation